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The Power of Vastu: Peace and Prosperity for the Entire Family

If there was one wish we would all be granted without question, the first thing a lot of would ask for is peace. Peace and prosperity go and hand in hand, and a prosperous life is one that sums up all our desires. Prosperity is not defined by excess of wealth or the best […]

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Flooring, Ceiling, and Lighting: The Right Way to Set Up Your Home!

Through my previous post, I have established that Vastu shastra concerns the energy of everything that surrounds us. While we often focus a lot on the decoration and furniture, we forget the core elements of the house – the floors and ceilings.

Flooring being the lowest point and ceiling being the highest create a corridor […]

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Vastu And Life Planning – What This Ancient Art Can Teach Us!

Vastu Shashtra is not just about decorating your home, it is about bringing a balance in your – balance that can help your achieve all that you want.

We all have different goals in our lives but at the end of the day, we are all in pursuit of happiness. That happiness comes from achieving […]

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