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Effective Vastu Tips For The BEDROOM

Bedroom Location
South-west is the best direction for a room that belongs to the head of the family. But, make sure it is not directly above the kitchen or bathroom.
Material Of The Bed
Wood has a positive impact on the energy of a space.

So, make sure your bed is made of wood rather than metal.
Bedroom Color
Light […]

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Tips For Positivity In Your Living Room

The living room should always be in the East or in the North direction.

In case of south-facing house, the living room can be in South East corner.
Furniture Placement
The TV set should be placed in the Southeast direction.

A chandelier or any other source of lighting should be placed towards the west.

Adding an aquarium or a […]

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Decorating Your Living Room? Let Vastu Guide You!

Aside from the kitchen, your living room is one of the most important parts of the house.

It’s where you spend most of your leisure time. And whether you’re there with your family or friends, one thing is for certain. Your living room has to be cozy enough so that you feel the most comfortable […]

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What are the Benefits of keeping a Fish Tank?

According to the study of Vastu Feng Shui, fish tanks offer a lot more than just an aesthetically pleasing look.

Energy flows all around us, and can offer positive and negative effects on our surroundings. However, to utilize the good energy and hinder the bad, we need vestiges that would act as barriers to dissipate […]

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Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui – Here’s the Difference!

For those who do not possess acute knowledge of Vastu Shastra and feng shui, they may consider it to be one and the same. Indeed, their guidance relates to the architectural positioning of elements that each study has in common with one another.

However, there are still limitations to their comparisons. In truth, Vastu Shastra […]

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A Professional’s Guide to Ridding Your Home of Bad Vibes – Part II

Continuing from where we left off in our last blog, we look into some more indictors of bad energy and how we can use vastu feng shui to make our homes a better place.
What Causes Bad Vibes in Our Homes?
· Absence of Water Element
There is a reason why vastu feng shui consultants encourage their clients […]

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A Professional’s Guide to Ridding Your Home of Bad Vibes – Part I

Our home is our kingdom and sanctuary.

It is the place that provides us with comfort and happiness in times of anguish and stress.

But what happens when that home doesn’t feel like home anymore?

Many blame their own restlessness for this feeling. However, for those who understand the method of energy flow and vastu feng shui, […]

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Decorating Your New Home According to Vastu Feng Shui – Why You Should it

Vastu feng shui uses architectural information and earthly elements to direct positive energy in a physical surrounding. As such, this method is used as a means of creating harmony by designing a house that always provides a positive atmosphere for its residents.

However, that is not the only purpose behind the use of vastu fengshui […]

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