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Rekindling the Romance – Use Vastu to Enlighten Your Love Life

Your partner’s presence is enough to soothe your worries; and their touch enough to ignite your passion, even when you least expect it.

Yet, lately, you’ve been feeling a bit of unease in your relationship. Sure, you still feel happy and comforted with your partner. But the spark of your love has somehow gotten lost. […]

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Dispelling Myths about Vastu Shastra (Part I)

Do mirrors bring bad luck for your love life?

Is it okay to have your doors parallel to one another?

Should you keep your cacti plants in the balcony or not at all?

If you’re new to vastu, you may have come across these questions frequently, each time with different responses. As a study that encompasses numerous […]

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Plants and Flower Tips for Effective Vastu

Like splashes of paint on a blank canvas, flowers and plants can lend a wonderful element of color to any living space.

Whether it’s your home or your office, the right ones can bring energy and a sense of positivity and peace.

However, that can only be accomplished if you understand vastu.
Learning about Plants and Flowers, […]

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