How Vastu can Improve Your Love life

Unable to Find true love or having problems in your existing relationship? Vastu can help you get control of your love life.


Balancing The Zones

Understanding the zones is essential to taking corrective action For your love life.



This is the zone of relationships. If there is any disturbance in this zone, your relationships will be affected.



If […]

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Simple Vastu Tips For Your Home

A home is one’s most priced possession. Here are some Vastu tips that will make your home a better place for you to cherish

Attract Positive Energies
Small things like washing your hands and feet after coming home, and lighting up your house after it’s dark can attract positive energy.

Clear The Clutter
Give away old items that […]

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A Vastu Guide for Home Construction – Know the Basics

With your home construction, it’s in your hands to have your dream house built in a vastu-compliant way.

But while you may follow the teachings of vastu, there is still so much to learn. And that can increase your chances of making mistakes.

So how should you approach this?
Hiring a Professional Vastu Consultant
It’s best to have […]

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Mistakes to Avoid When Decorating Your Home, According to Vastu

Although vastu mainly focuses on the study of architecture and direction, the truth is that the ancient science encompasses numerous factors of décor and structure to present its practitioners with positive flow of energy.

From the location of your favorite plants to overhead beams, vastu is concerned with all matters of your living space. So […]

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Dispelling Myths about Vastu Shastra (Part II)

Continuing from where we left off in our first blog, let’s dive more into the details of vastu and learn the intricacies of the study of architecture and how it helps us improve our life and home.
Myths or Truth – What Do the Teachings of Vastu Say?
Vastu is the same as Feng Shui
While both […]

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Rekindling the Romance – Use Vastu to Enlighten Your Love Life

Your partner’s presence is enough to soothe your worries; and their touch enough to ignite your passion, even when you least expect it.

Yet, lately, you’ve been feeling a bit of unease in your relationship. Sure, you still feel happy and comforted with your partner. But the spark of your love has somehow gotten lost. […]

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Dispelling Myths about Vastu Shastra (Part I)

Do mirrors bring bad luck for your love life?

Is it okay to have your doors parallel to one another?

Should you keep your cacti plants in the balcony or not at all?

If you’re new to vastu, you may have come across these questions frequently, each time with different responses. As a study that encompasses numerous […]

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Plants and Flower Tips for Effective Vastu

Like splashes of paint on a blank canvas, flowers and plants can lend a wonderful element of color to any living space.

Whether it’s your home or your office, the right ones can bring energy and a sense of positivity and peace.

However, that can only be accomplished if you understand vastu.
Learning about Plants and Flowers, […]

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Effective Vastu Tips For The BEDROOM

Bedroom Location
South-west is the best direction for a room that belongs to the head of the family. But, make sure it is not directly above the kitchen or bathroom.
Material Of The Bed
Wood has a positive impact on the energy of a space.

So, make sure your bed is made of wood rather than metal.
Bedroom Color
Light […]

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Tips For Positivity In Your Living Room

The living room should always be in the East or in the North direction.

In case of south-facing house, the living room can be in South East corner.
Furniture Placement
The TV set should be placed in the Southeast direction.

A chandelier or any other source of lighting should be placed towards the west.

Adding an aquarium or a […]

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