If the center of the house has a wall, it could be corrected by placing a mirror there.

Narrow Spaces could be corrected by placing Mirrors near them.
When specific corners are missing in the construction of your home they could be corrected by placing mirrors in appropriate positions
Mirrors placed opposite the locker […]

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Vastu Tips For Business Success

Owner’s Room
In an office building, the business owner’s room should be in the southwest direction, and his/her desk should be placed so that he/she sits facing the north.
The Entrance
Generally, the north, northeast and north west directions are believed to bring positive energy. Therefore, its recommended to have the main entrance to the office […]

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Vastu suggests that some rules should be followed while placing your house furnuiture. Some important elements are:


The bed should be placed in the southwest corner of the room.

The head should be towards the south for better sleep & health.


Should be placed in south and west of the living room. Elderly people and the […]

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The white flower Jasmine is said to the the favorite flower of Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva. It’s known to bring good luck and prosperity.

Recommended Plants

Basil plant is considered as powerful and auspicious

The sacred fig tree is considered as blessed

Flowering plants such as rose, emit positive energy

Where To Plant Trees?

Should not be planted at […]

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Thistle Cheer You Up: A Vastu Guide To Types of Plants to Add to Your Home

Vastu shastra isn’t just about furniture alignment and rearrangement! It also provides guidelines on how plants and trees hold the key to living a much healthier life.

Vastu Shastra literally translates to the science of architecture. This has led many people to believe that this ancient science only concerns buildings and furniture layout. What people […]

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Lights, Décor, Action! The Right Way to Set Up Your Home

There’s a lot more to home renovation than buying furniture and remodeling your kitchen.

Contrary to popular opinion, making your home beautiful doesn’t have to cost you fortune. And you certainly don’t need an interior designer to turn your clutteredapartment into a vibrant living space that actually feels like home.

If done right, decorating your home can […]

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Vastu Mistakes to Avoid When Decorating Your Living Room

Your living room is the heart of your special personal Eden that you call home. As such, it requires some extra attention if you’re finally planning on decorating it according to the teachings of vastu.

Vastu Shastra is an ancient Hindu study of architecture that teaches practitioners the right way of directing positive energy in […]

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A Soothing, Comfortable Vastu-Compliant Home: How to Make It Work!

If your home doesn’t feel like home anymore, it might have more to do with the vastu and your interior décor choices than you think.

The vastu of your home is a network of elemental balance that is designed with the help of specific directions through the teachings of vastu Shastra. If one thing is […]

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Happiness Starts at Home with These Tips!

We all have a different definition of “happiness”. Some of us get ecstatic at the mere thought of children, while others prefer quality time with their dogs and cats.

Regardless of our differences, we all unanimously long for a home that makes us smile. And while most of us work hard to put food on […]

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Adding Life to Your Living Room

While the kitchen may be the most useful room in a house, the living room takes the prestigious crown of being the most used room. From watching Netflix to just hanging out, the room can be used for a bunch of different reasons.

This makes decorating living rooms such a challenge. Above all else, your living […]

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